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About the Honour Roll

The Attorney-General's Department administers the Honour Roll.

We have developed the criteria for individuals to be included on the National Workers Memorial Honour Roll to align with the agreed commemorative intent of the National Workers Memorial and in consultation with the National Workers Memorial Steering Committee.

Registration on the Honour Roll is voluntary.


To be eligible for inclusion on the Honour Roll, an individual must have died as a direct result of the performance of their usual duties at work, including participation in any training activities.

An individual is generally not eligible in cases where:

  1. they died during travel to and from work
  2. their death is the subject of current legal action.

However, we will consider including individuals where supporting information is provided with the application that outlines how the individual would otherwise meet the criteria.

The Honour Roll aims to be inclusive and where there is doubt about an individual's eligibility for inclusion, for the sake of the individual's family and friends, the benefit of that doubt will generally go towards their inclusion.

Armed forces personnel

Personnel from the armed forces (for example police), the military and emergency services are not intended to be included on this Honour Roll as there are separate honour rolls that commemorate the deaths of these personnel.

Information we publish

Only the following information is published on the Honour Roll:

  1. full name of the deceased
  2. date of the fatality
  3. location where the individual died.

Other information about the deceased that is collected through the Honour Roll webform is only used to validate the registration and will not be made public.


In order to administer the Honour Roll and validate applications, we will collect some personal information from you when you register an individual for inclusion on the Honour Roll.

We may use this information to contact you about the application if needed.

Read our Privacy policy to find out more.

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