Our Commitment

The Department of Jobs and Small Business (the department) is committed to making our online services and information accessible to as many people as possible regardless of ability. The department is in the process of implementing the Australian Government’s Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy (NTS) for all of its websites.

Implementing the NTS will help achieve one of our key goals which is to promote a participative and inclusive society.

More information on the National Transition Strategy can be found on AGIMO's NTS page.

Our Approach

The department is developing a number of implementation strategies to meet the department's policy and legislative obligations including:

Using This Site


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s Web Accessibility Initiative has published comprehensive advice about enabling various accessibility features in different operating systems and browsers. Topics include enlarging text and images, browsing the web by keyboard and listening rather than reading.

Alternate document formats

The department has recently updated its publishing requirements and endeavours to publish documents in multiple formats that have been optimised for accessibility. Documents will typically be published in PDF and DOC/DOCX formats. Please use our contact us page if you would like a document in a different format to what is already provided.

Compatible software

The department publishes information in a number of formats, depending on the content type and when it was published. If you do not have an application that will open a file made available on the department site there are links below to free applications you may be able to use.

  • Apache OpenOffice is a free office application suite capable of opening many common office document formats.
  • Microsoft provide a number of Office Online File Converters and Viewers which allow you to open new Microsoft Office file formats on older versions of office or even if you don't have office installed.

Further assistance

For further assistance with the department website, please see below:

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